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ISIL’s Chechen Commander Abol Fotouh Shishani Killed in Army offensives in Al-Qayyara

25 August 2016 7:27


The provincial security sources in Nineveh province declared that a notorious ISIL commander has been killed in tough battle with the Iraqi army in al-Qayyara region.

“Iraq’s joint military sources killed the ISIL’s Abol Fotouh Shishani who was the terrorist group’s leader in al-Qayyara region,” the Arabic-language al-Sumeria news channel quoted an unnamed provincial source as saying on Wednesday.

He noted that 10 ISIL suicide attackers were also killed in the Iraqi army attacks and over 20 suicide vehicles were also destroyed.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Iraqi armed forces declared the strategic city of Al-Qayyara was fully liberated from ISIL terrorists.

The Iraqi army took back the Northern city of Al-Qayyara in Nineveh province from the ISIL Takfiri terrorist.

“Now Al-Qayyara is fully liberated… Iraqi joint forces raised the country’s flag over buildings and a hospital after they had been fully liberated from terrorism,” the armed forces said in a statement.

Al-Qayyara is the biggest oil-rich region in Nineveh province and is located South of Mosul, which is the main ISIL stronghold in Iraq.

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