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Video- Terrorists emerge at new flank in Aleppo after Turkish intervention

25 August 2016 7:22



As previously reported, terrorists have captured the Syrian border town of Jarablus after some 1500 insurgents, heavily backed by the Turkish military, prompted ISIS to fully withdraw from the town.

The Turkish intervention has been dubbed “Operation Euphrates Shield” and saw dozens of Turkish tanks crossing the border into ISIS-held Syrian land.

Within hours of the offensive, ISIS conducted a massive withdrawal from northeastern Aleppo, leaving dozens of villages up for grabs for Turkish-backed rebel factions as well as the U.S. backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Effectively, the Islamic State no longer controls any official border-crossings into Turkey. Nevertheless, approximately 30 kilometers of the border with Turkey remains occupied by ISIS militants.

Remarkably, the largely Kurdish SDF and Syrian rebel groups now share a frontline between Jarablus and Manbij. These factions are now clashing with each other.

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