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Zahhar: Lieberman is naive and needs an ear pinch

25 August 2016 18:35



Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar has described Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s war minister, as an “inexperienced person who needs an ear pinch to make him learn the lesson.”

Zahhar made the remarks to Fars News agency commenting on Lieberman’s renewed call for demilitarizing Gaza as a condition for rebuilding and helping it. The interview was published on Wednesday, August 25. “He need an ear pinch in order to learn not to make conditions that cannot be realized on the ground,” Zahhar said.

He affirmed that Lieberman’s recent attempts to lessen the fears of settlers who fled their homes in settlements around Gaza were useless.

“Lieberman came to say, ‘I am not like my predecessors, I am scarier, I have a new military policy.’ All this talk in fact is groundless,” the Hamas official underlined.

The official also talked about several issues, including his Movement’s relations with Iran which he described it as “better than before”. He also criticized some Arab regimes for seeking to establish relations with Israel.

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