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Source: Syrian Army, Hezbollah Destroys Terrorists’ Military Positions in Northern Homs, Kills Scores of Terrorists

26 August 2016 15:18

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The Syrian army hit hard the terrorist groups’ military positions in the strategic regions in the Northern parts of Homs Province, killing a large number of militants, battlefield sources disclosed.

The terrorist groups’ gathering centers in the villages of Aqreb and al-Anz in Homs’ Northern countryside came under the Syrian army’s artillery attacks, the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed battlefield source as saying on Friday.

Score of terrorists were killed and wounded in the Syrian offensives’ in Northern Homs city, added the reports.

Earlier on Friday, the terrorists’ military positions came under airstrikes to the East of Talbiseh and Za’afaraniyeh in the Northern countryside of Homs city as the army’s artillery pounded the terrorists in al-Sa’an.

Syrian fighter jets launched a fresh round of combat flights over the terrorist groups’ concentration centers near the villages of al-Farhaniyeh, Za’afaraniyeh in Talbiseh region, destroying their positions and technical vehicles.

Terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll in Syrian arm aircraft’s anti-terrorism sorties in Talbiseh region.

In the meantime, terrorist groups’ gatherings near the town of Taldou and the village of Burj Qai’e in Northwestern Homs were bombed by Syrian fighter jets.

Also on Wednesday, Syrian Army aircraft launched fresh attacks on ISIL’s centers across the central province of Homs, targeting the Takfiri group’s arms depot, command center and a convoy of vehicles.

The Syrian fighter jets pounded an ammunition depot of the ISIL in al-Halmouz and a command center in Deir Foul, destroying the sites and killing or wounding several terrorists.

The Syrian warplanes also hit ISIL’s vehicles hard in al-Sukhnah, Arak and al-Heil oil-rich regions.

In the meantime, a unit of the Syrian army targeted a bomb-laden suicide vehicle of the ISIL before attacking on army post in Ezzalddeen region.

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