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“Daraya’s Fall Put Final Nail in Coffin of Saudi Dream to Topple Syria Gov’t”

28 August 2016 16:52

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The Liberation of the Syrian town of Daraya put the final nail in the coffin of Saudi dream to topple the Syrian government, Deputy head of Hezbollah’s executive council Sheikh Nabil Qaouq said on Sunday.

During a local ceremony in Lebanon’s south, Sheikh Qaouq stressed that the liberation of Daraya is a victory to the Syrian army and a defeat to the Takfiri gangs.

“This achievement is a strategic and historical victory which will have its repercussions on the course of battles with the Takfiris and on Syria’s future as well.”

On the Lebanese issue, Sheikh Qaouq assured that the one who has to be blamed for the presidential vacuum in the country is Saudi Arabia because of its Veto on presidential hopeful MP Michel Aoun.

Meanwhile, the Hezbollah official noted that Lebanon passes through a serious stage that requires national unity and bolstering internal stability.

“The government today faces real and deep impasse,” his eminence said, warning that the Lebanese parties should deal with the conflict with high responsibility.


Source: Al Manar TV

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