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Shared concerns of Muslims, Christians over expansion of extremism

28 August 2016 17:01



A group of Muslim Leaders and Catholic bishops in the US have issued a statement slamming terrorist groups like Daesh stressing the love of life and opposition with terrorism as the shared principles in both Abrahamic religion, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Part of the statement has noted belief in God Almighty as the commonality of Islam, Christianity and Judaism calling all religious leaders to provide the necessity moral guidelines and warn against injustice or anything which goes against human interests.

The statement continues,” Islam and Christianity have a common commitment to respect and love life, honor and welfare of all society members. Both denounce injustice and atrocities and oppose any measure which might jeopardize life, health, honor and welfare of others.”

Religious leaders have also stressed mutual coexistence and respect in their joint statement.

Catholic and Muslim leaders have also rejected usage of weapons of mass destructions as an immoral act calling for all out efforts to cleansing the world of chemical, biological and nuclear weapoms.

They have also agreed that not one single religion or nationality should be blamed for expansion of sectarianism and violence saying,” Terrorism is in fact the deviation from any credited religious belief in the world.”

“Here we announce our concerns over expansion of extremist ideologies which have been formed by a shallow reading and ignorance of the religious texts and innate value of the people no matter what their religious beliefs are” ran another part of the message and called all religious and social leaders across the globe to stand against such ideologies which spread intrigue and violence.

This statement concluded with stressing justice and sustained commitment of the people among all religious denominations in a bid to achieve peace and highlighted tolerance and dialogue as principles needed for spread of culture.

Islamic and Catholic leaders have ended their message with reiterating their commitment for interfaith dialogue which crosses beyond borders of nations and governments serving the shared interests of all members of human family.

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