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Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Khamanei: Iran to Respond to Enemy Aggression with Overwhelming Blow

29 August 2016 17:48



Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that enemy should know that Iranian defense forces will respond to any aggression with overwhelming blow.

His eminence made the remark in a meeting with commanders and officials of Khatam al-Anbia Air Force headquarters of Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, IRNA news agency reporeted.

Imam Khamenei underlined importance of Air Force as the front line of defense to any aggression, saying that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have formed hostile and deceitful camp targeting independence of Iranian nation.

He gave an upbeat report of the Iranian defense capability, saying that any aggression on Iran by the enemies will be responded with overwhelming blows.

The Leader made clear that Iranian defense strategy pursues overwhelming blow to the hostile camp in addition to relentless defense in the battlefield.

Imam Khamenei said that strong determination of the manpower, their resolve and power are the important factors for removal of barriers and the weak points, saying that the Air Force is effective to thwart any aggression on territorial integrity.

Hi eminence said that enmity with the Iranian nation and Islamic system is far from the customary hostilities experienced in four corners of the world.

“Our enemies are made up of the global arrogance and the world Zionism, the dirty natured and deceitful camp with tyrannical ideology. They have resentment to the Iranian religious beliefs, independence and the non-compromisory spirit of Iranian nation.”

He added that hostility of the arrogant camp is evident in many ways.

“Once the hostility is represented in the form of the US administration and another day in the form of such tyrannical regime as Saddam; but what’s of importance is that we should use many capacity available to the country and identify the stances and plans of the enemy to make right decision to thwart the threats.”

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