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More terrorist commanders sent to hell in Aleppo clashes

29 August 2016 6:05



Three Jabhat Fath Al-Sham (JFS) top field commanders were neutralized in the clashes in southwestern Aleppo in the region of the Ramousah Artillery Base.

The terrorist commanders were identified as the following: Abu Madeen Al-Askri, Abu Khaled Al-Libi, and Abu Hurirah Mutana’a.

Both sides continue to exchange blows in that battle-ridden, volatile region in Aleppo with the jihadists failing to capture the Umm Al-Qara’ hill and the government troops failing to secure foothold in the Ramousah Base.

The coming weeks will prove fateful in shaping the directory of the conflict in the embattled province of Aleppo as ISIS, SDF, Turkish-backed jihadists, and the Syrian Army battle in all corners of the province.

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