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Over 3,000 Terrorists Cross Turkish Border into Northern Syria

30 August 2016 8:25



Regional media outlets disclosed that over 3,000 fresh terrorists have entered Northern Syria via border with Turkey to take part in Jarabulus operation in Northern Aleppo.

“In addition to the dispatch of a large number of tanks, armored vehicles and their crew by Turkish army, over 3,000 ready-to-combat fighters have been dispatched to Northern Aleppo to join the Turkey-linked terrorist groups’ operation in Jarabulus,” the Arabic-language al-Hadath news reported.

“The terrorist groups have raised Turkish flag on their base at Turkey’s border crossing and are using the base to collect and forward tens of vehicles and fresh forces to Jarabulus region,” the news website added.

“The terrorists have entered Syria via the Turkish town of Qaqamshi,” it disclosed.

Reports said earlier today that the Free Syrian Army (FSA), backed up by Turkish army troops, has engaged in an intense battle with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the town of Jarabulus at the border with Turkey, sources said, adding that both side have suffered heavy death toll.

“The FSA and its affiliated groups, backed up by Turkish air force and artillery, have thus far captured the villages of Ein al-Beidha, Bolbolan, al-Amareneh, Sothern Da’es and Ba’ar Kousa after hours of fierce clashes with the SDF fighters,” the sources said.

“Tough battle between FSA and SDF has been reported near al-Amareneh,” the sources added.

“The villages of Thaljiyeh and al-Hadheibat in the Eastern side of al-Rai also were captured by the Turkey-backed FSA,” the sources went on to say.

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