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VIDEO: Syrian Fighter Jets Strike Heavily Terrorists’ Positions in Hama Province

30 August 2016 13:51



Syrian warplanes carried out several combat flights over at least seven bases of terrorist groups in Hama province, inflicting major losses and casualties on the militants.

Terrorist groups’ concentration centers in Morek, al-Latamina, al-Masasneh, Halfaiya and Markabeh, North al-Zalaqiyat and the surroundings of Kafr Zita were badly bombed by the Syrian army aircraft.

Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded and their machinegun-equipped vehicles were damaged in the air attacks.

In the meantime, strongholds of Fatah al-Sham (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in the town of Talaf in Southwestern Hama came under the massive attacks of the Syrian soldiers.

Several heavy machineguns-equipped vehicles of Fatah al-Sham were destroyed and at least 11 terrorists were killed in Talaf offensive.

Also on Monday, terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll and their military hardware sustained major losses after their attacks on government positions in Northern Hama were fended off by Syrian army and National Defense Forces.

Syrian government forces repelled terrorists’ offensives near the small town of Markabeh, destroying a tank and several machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Syrian army’s artillery units shelled the positions and movement of terrorist group as soon as receiving information about militants’ plan to attack government positions, FNA reported.

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