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Syrian Authorities Evacuate over 300 Darayya Civilians via Mo’adhamiyeh

3 September 2016 10:10



Some 303 people from the city of Darayya have been evacuated through the town of Mo’adhamiyeh by the Syrian Army troops, sources said, adding that the civilians will be relocated to a makeshift center in Harjalleh.

“Syrian authorities transferred 303 more civilians from Darayya’s Eastern side going through Mo’adhamiyeh town towards Harjalleh,” the sources said.

“Some 4000 people were also evacuated and relocated to the makeshift center in Harjalleh, prepared and equipped with all basic supplies by the government authorities in Damascus province,” they added.

Reports said earlier today that terrorists in Mo’adhamiyeh in Western Ghouta are in the final stages of negotiation to completely surrender the key town to the Syrian government forces.

“A government delegation arrived in Mo’adhamiyeh on Friday morning after both parties failed to reach a settlement regarding the fate of the town yesterday,” sources said adding, “Militants are refusing to turn in their heavy weaponry before surrendering the entire town to the Syrian army.”

“An agreement is expected to be reached in the coming hours that would allow the government to take full control of Mo’adhamiyeh in exchange for transporting the Islamist rebels to Idlib province,” they added.

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