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Wife Voices Deep Concern over Health of Nigerian Muslim Leader Zakzaky

3 September 2016 14:54



Wife of Leader of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zekzaky in a letter expressed deep concern about the health conditions of her husband, both under the detention of Nigerian army.

“Brothers and sisters, please continue praying for Sayyid Zakzaky, may Allah restore his ability to see, and grant him a complete recovery from the wounds all over his body. And for me too, please continue to pray for me because the bullet in my body is painful. However, it is the severely ill eye condition of Sayyid Zakzaky that worries me most,” Zeenah Ibraheem wrote in her letter.

The full text of her letter follows:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin Wa alihi tayyibin.

May the blessings, peace and beneficence of Allah be upon you.

First and foremost, I seek from Allah to shower forgiveness upon our colleagues, companions and our children who have been massacred, burnt alive, buried alive in mass grave(s) etcetera during the barbaric action by Nigerian armed personnel in Zaria, December 2015 [Zaria massacre]. I seek the same, also, for those killed during all other inhumane atrocities, tortures to death and the direct killings of innocent people by the Nigerian armed personnel such as it happened in Zaria, July 2014 [Qods day killing]. May Allah forgive them all sins and wrong doings. May Allah reward them with abundant benefits and honour. May Allah resurrect them to be amongst the true and sincere followers and supporters of Qaa’im (A.S.) .

May Allah restore to normality, and grant cure to, the wounded ones. May Allah reward them with abundant benefits and honour in this world and hereafter. May Allah strengthen their faith and make them firm on the holy path. May Allah forgive them all sins and wrong doings.

For our colleagues and companions who are imprisoned extra-judicially by the crude and barbaric transgressors, may Allah hasten their release. May Allah reward them with benefits and honour in this world and hereafter. May Allah’s grace and favour shower upon them, enriched.

For all others from our colleagues and companions, members of the Islamic Movement – men and women – may Allah increase their faith and believe. May Allah remove the fear of any being other than Allah, especially the fear of the barbaric transgressors and oppressors, from their hearts. For those amongst them who are striving, may Allah reward them with benefits and honour. May Allah increase their faith and make them firm on the holy path. For those with weakness in faith, may Allah strengthen their faith, guide and save them.

My colleagues, brothers and sisters, I am writing this message due to the severe Love for you in my heart despite the fact that it may lead to a scenario where the barbaric transgressors and oppressors my stop further visits to us. I intend to give this message to those that will visit us this coming Tuesday (30 August 2016). The Love I have for you, the great hope I have for your guidance, and the fear that you should not get strayed from the holy and righteous path of the Islamic Movement made me not to worry much about what may happen to us.

I use to get news about what is happening from time to time when we get visits or via the calls to our children and others. We are given phone to make calls twice in a week. As such I took the responsibility for advising you briefly.

If you can remember, I have been advising you on several occasions about the status of Malam [Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzay] and I gave several lectures towards making it clear what the Islamic Movement is all about. Sayyid Zakzaky is set or chosen by Allah as a mercy, kindness and bliss for our region [and world in general]. He has been and still is calling us, in words and action, to tidings of great and true joy in this world and hereafter. That was the case for his predecessors, Shaikh Uthman Fodio and Imam Khomaini.

The Islamic Movement is striving and inviting people towards establishing Islam. The Islamic Movement is not an other of many organisations around. For this kind of mission, it is Allah that choose whom ever He wish out of His wisdom. [Allah shows to the people via their reasoning capabilities and revelations who the chosen person is, and then they will gravitate him in a natural manner.] It is not the people who gather to decide [on the chosen person and then make him righteous and faithful as required for leading the mission.]

If Allah wills that Sayyid Zakzaky will continue the call and Movement up to the establishment of the religion, then so will be it as Allah wishes. But if Allah wishes that He better take His servant back to His Mercy then it is Allah Himself that will bring or show who will take the Movement further to the success of establishing the Islamic system in this geographical region [or on earth].

Further, the chosen person would not necessarily tally to people’s initial expectations. Because it is Allah that knows his true servants. (This will be the case if Allah has meant to complete His mercy on people, for testing their sincerity.) It is possible that a relatively younger person will be the chosen person that will take on the Movement as has happened in the past for the case of many prophets. It should be understood that people have no choice over this. And no group of people have the right to enforce a leader upon other members of the Islamic Movement.

Some body may say, “does it mean that Allah will make an announcement from the sky saying ‘Mr. Xyz has been chosen for continuing the purpose’?” Here, I will say “tell me, regarding Shaikh Fodio or Imam Khomeini were there a similar announcement from the sky?” The Islamic Movements of these servants of Allah progressed along with their steadfastness on the holy path of moral conducts/values and their style in inviting people showed us this. Why did Allah made the human intellect? Was it not for them to use it for reasoning?

My brothers and sisters, it is not possible for me to write a complete explanation with additional proofs and examples in this limited piece. However, I hope that you will persevere and listen to my series of lectures that I usually present during the birthday anniversary of Sayyida Zahra (A.S.) in Zaria Husainiyyah or Fudiyyah Centre. From there you can remember some things.

It was a big mistake that immediately after the Zaria massacre in December 2015, some brothers and sisters enforced/named another person as the leader or main representative of the Islamic Movement. And unfortunately some other people were found saying that whenever they visit Sayyid Zakzaky, he used to advice that his representative be followed. When did Sayyid Zakzaky told you that a new leader or his representative have been declared for you? Talk less of giving a will that the representative be followed?

No body have seen Malam for two months following the Zaria massacre, and it was his children and younger brother that visited him. Did you forget that during the time of the inhumane oppressor, Abacha, when Malam was captured? There were no such things as this [issue of leadership] but nevertheless the brothers and sisters continued their activities up to the time of Malam’s return. What is it that brings this crisis now? Can’t you see that it is Satan that is trying to play with people’s intellect?

Indeed it is the Satan’s play, as some people have started accusing others for making moves or protests against the inhumane act of the oppressors and transgressors. The people who are trying to protest have been accused of not following the “leader’s/representative’s” orders. What made me sad the most seriously is that they usually bring Sayyid Zakzaky’s name as proof whenever things go along their egos. They usually say something like “we should follow rule and order as we were taught by the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky”!!! La haula wa la quwwata illa billah! O dear servants of Allah!! Malam is still alive! Why is it that if some one wants to follow its own ego then Malam is brought as a proof wrongly?

Brothers and sisters, did you forget that on several occasions Malam have mentioned: “Years by years I am training people to understand, to use their intellect and reasoning for doing what is right but some are destroying what I am constructing by insisting that it is orders/commands that have to be followed.”? And also, did you forget that Sayyid Zakzaky have been mentioning: “this Islamic Movement is all about understanding, faith and practice. There is no place for the use of force in making people do what is right.” Sayyid Zakzaky usually mention this when he is informed of the destructive “obey-orders only” reasoning or actions by some brothers or sisters and when asked about what measures be taken in order to stop them so they should not bad name the Islamic Movement and/or send away others with their bad manners.

So, when and where did Malam changed the principle of “understand, reason with faith and act” with the “robotics” of “just obey commands and orders”? This crisis have reached an extent that some are using the slogans “follow orders, follow orders, follow orders” for tarnishing the well-reasoned self determination of others.

Some have even started making announcements such as: “there are some people trying to execute so and so plan, take note that the Islamic Movement has nothing to do with what they are planning to do” !! O dear!! What an ignorance is this? Did you forget that this Islamic Movement is inviting everyone? It has supporters from all over the world and within this country including Christians. Do you mean that if all of them come out in protest against the Zaria massacre or if they decide to act in other ways for protesting, then you will accuse them for not consulting and for not seeking your authorisation first?

Who gave the order or authorisation to the people, world wide, that came out and protest against the Zaria massacre? You?

And, in the future, if the transgressors and oppressors continue to detain us with the intent of completely destroying the one remaining eye of Sayyid Zakzaky, do you think people all around the world and some truly sincere brothers and sisters here will remain satisfied with just making street protests?

Doing some things in our current situation, while knowing that someone is facing barbaric, inhumane and devilish beings that are ready to shed blood of anyone, requires strong faith and sacrifice. It strongly depends on ones faith. It is not something that can be forced. If someone sees that it is not capable, then it better go aside an help those that can with prayers or more. At least, the case should not be that the person cannot do something and at the same time is stopping others from doing it.

Brothers and sisters should know that there is no need for the permission of any other person for making good moves or protests as long as it is not in conflict with Sharia [the Islamic laws and guidance system.] If some are making mistakes, their attentions should be drawn with mercy and Love. If someone have made a move, but then according to another person’s view it was not done right, then the latter should come out and do what it sees right. If the latter’s move is more organised then people will see and gravitate to it. But there should be no way for the scenario whereby the latter is not doing anything other than disturbing the former with the noise of “you are not doing it right.”

My call to the truly sincere brothers and sisters (I know that there are many of them) is the following. You should understand that the noble path of Allah is difficult, but it is the only path to salvation. Why is it that in the holy Qur’an Allah repeatedly mentioned: PERSEVERANCE, PERSEVERANCE, PERSEVERANCE? Without doubt, Allah will tests us, we shall have to be evaluated thoroughly. You should know that Sayyid Zakzaky have not appointed or declared anyone as his representative. He have also never commanded brothers and sisters to follow the orders of any other person because he is under detention. Any claim for such is baseless.

During Abacha’s transgressions and atrocities against the Islamic Movement and the detention of Sayyid Zakzaky, was anyone declared in place of our leader? Did the activities of the Islamic Movement stopped?

After the Zaria massacre, brothers and sisters are supposed to continue with all the programmes of the Islamic Movement and to even do more till the manifestation of Allah’s will or judgment. If Allah wish to take back his servant then it is Allah that will bring Sayyid Zakzaky’s successor for the Islamic Movement if the sincerity of brothers and sisters worth such a grace.

All thanks to Allah, there are various forums within the Islamic Movement that even when Sayyid Zakzaky is on trip abroad they design their activities. Their activities are not designed and structured completely or only by him. For instance there is the Youth Forum, the Academic Forum, the Sisters Forum, the ‘Abul Fadl Abbas’ Forum. There are various Zones and there is the ‘Resource Forum’ etcetera. All of the Islamic Movement. This is how it is supposed to be, all should continue their activities and programmes. There is no need for anyone to make them be like robots.

We should know that our leader is one and only one! There can not be [plural] leaders at the same time. Our leader is Sayyid Zakzaky. He is the one that invited us all to the Islamic Movement. We all just answered or accepted his invitation. We have no choice. He is our leader, whether he is under detention or while on travel, abroad. We are all his followers and students.

I thank Allah that made me amongst the students of this righteous servant of Allah. May my life be a support, protection and compensation for his. This Islamic Movement is under Sayyid Zakzaky’s. May Allah reward him with abundant benefits, in this world and hereafter. Every day when I look at him, I shed tears. Transgressors and oppressors have harmed him at various times, they have insulted him, they have killed a lot of his children and followers that love him so much, they have wounded him severely, they have blown up his left eye and then severely wounded the right eye. Since before the previous holy month of Ramadan he is no more able to read directly from the Holy Quran. His left hand, to date is not back to normality. All these aggressions against him were all because he said and stand by the words, “Allah is my only Master”! Despite all these, he is still firm and fresh on his believes. In fact all these are increasing his faith and believe. He is the one that is condoling and strengthening us with his soul cooling words! On top of all these, some people are found who are trying to change and destroy the [foundations of the] Islamic Movement!

To give you a further assurance on what I have already mentioned, during the last visit i.e. in the month of Shawwal, Sayyid Badamasi told Sayyid Zakzaky that Sheikh AbdulHameed Bello have asked whether they can take care, by making constructions, of the mass grave where hundreds of Zaria massacre victims were buried. The reason for the question was that the mass grave was not well covered and some parts are sinking-in. Sayyid Zakzaky said: “none of you should expect that I should be the one, in this situation, to be telling you what to do. You are supposed to use your intellect and reasoning capabilities”. And he added that “there is also the Darur Rahma grave yard which have not been renovated. That which is even easier to reconstruct.” The truth is that, most of those who go around saying that they are waiting for an order/command before they will do something, even if the leader Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky should give an order/command they will not obey as long as it goes against their egos. Like wise, the sisters and brothers who follow those who are trying to make humans behave as robots. How many times was it that Sayyid Zakzaky have ordered them to do something but then they refused?

It is history repeating itself. The equivalents of the people of Kufa during the times of Amirul Mu’mineen and the times of Imam Husain (A.S.) are still around now.

Lastly we should know that our hope and wish is to achieve the complete compliance with the will of Allah. This is only possible by following firmly the holy path despite the difficulties with the associated tests. It will be impossible to achieve via lies and deceptions.

Brothers and sisters, please continue praying for Sayyid Zakzaky, may Allah restore his ability to see, and grant him a complete recovery from the wounds all over his body. And for me too, please continue to pray for me because the bullet in my body is painful. However, it is the severely ill eye condition of Sayyid Zakzaky that worries me most.

Blessings upon you,


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