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Over 60 Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Offensives in Northern Hama

4 September 2016 21:25


Syrian Army’s anti-terrorism operations near the town of Ma’ardes claimed the lives of over 60 militants and meantime inflicted major damage on their equipment and vehicles.

In addition to their heavy casualties, the terrorist groups’ military hardware sustained major damage.

The Syrian soldiers destroyed 7 vehicles equipped with machineguns, two tanks, two BMP vehicles, two rocket launchers, three mortar launchers and an artillery unit in Ma’ardes operation.

Earlier today, Arab media disclosed that the terrorist groups have received several advanced combat drones from their foreign backers and are using them against the Syrian army’s defense lines in Northern Hama.

“The terrorist groups had previously used Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in reconnaissance operations, but this time, they are using an advanced version of drone technology for bombing government forces’ positions in Northern Hama, mainly in Ma’ardes,” the Syrian al-Vatan and the Egyptian al-Yaoum al-Sabe’a reported.

“Since the terrorist groups inside Syria do not have enough knowledge and equipment to manufacture drones of this kind, the role of the Western countries in supplying the militants with such modern combat UAVs has been proved more than ever,” the papers concluded.

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