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Saudi regime should pay the price for its wrong behavior: MP

4 September 2016 14:14



Chairman of the Majlis Cultural Commission has stressed that Saudi Arabia has to pay the price for its wrong behavior and should be dealt with because of offences it has committed.

Nasrollah Pejmanfar referred to sexual harassment against two teenage Iranians, the crane collapse in Mecca and the Mina tragedy as examples for the Saudis misbehavior.

Speaking to IRNA on Sunday, the lawmaker said Riyadh is responsible for giving due services to the 1,000 Muslims out of every one million Muslims in a country to do the annual Hajj rituals.

Unfortunately, he said, 80,000 Iranian pilgrims have been deprived of doing the Hajj rituals this year due to the mismanagement of the Saudi officials.

During the September 24 Mina tragedy, more than 5,000 pilgrims including 461 Iranians were killed due to stampede and mismanagement of Saudi rulers to handle the event.

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