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Larijani: Saudis incompetence to ‘protect hajj pilgrims’

5 September 2016 20:56



Head of the Judiciary has said Saudi rulers have been corrupt and criminal who had failed to attend their inherent responsibilities of serving the pilgrims of the Holy Shrines.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani who was addressing a meeting of Judiciary high-ranking officials on Monday, honored the memory of victims of Mina stampede during hajj rituals of 2015, and offered condolences to their families. Amoli Larijani believed that Saudis had no longer been eligible to rule the Holy Land and the cradle of Islam and other effective measures should be taken to effectively protect lives of millions of pilgrims annually coming to Saudi Arabia from death and debilitation as a result of administrative incompetency in the ranks and files of the Saudi government.

“Their conduct of the affairs are corrupt and criminal in supporting and arming terrorists across the Middle East; they have readily engaged in Yemen to fight a futile battle and only to kill innocent Yemenis, while systematically failing to attend their responsibilities at home regarding accurate handling of the pilgrimage,” he criticized Saudi rulers, directing his rebuke to international double standards in addressing Saudis’ conduct; “no other country would emerge unscathed from harsh opprobrium of the same now silent international community except Saudi Arabia. This is a source of controversy since the kingdom’s financial help to international organizations have obliged them to remain silent in the face of the kingdom’s despotism at home and bullying of its neighbors,” he emphasized.

“Foreign Ministry and the government should closely pursue the issue to restore the rights of our innocent pilgrims killed during the stampede in Mina to deprive Saudi Arabia of its purported equanimity and poise of leisurely glossing over the facts and easily evading retribution,” he told the meeting. “This will also provide reassurances to the families of victims so that they maintain a dim hope to justice and fairness.”

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