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Syrian Army continues massive advance in S. Aleppo amidst terrorist collapse

5 September 2016 20:53



Moments ago, an Al-Masdar News field source was able to confirm the capture of the Munition Storage base by the Tiger Forces and the supporting Nujaba Iraqi paramilitary force.

Nujaba media outlets published news of the capture of the imperative base yesterday in reality.

In addition to that, the allied forces captured the adjacent Fuel Storage facility placing the town of Ma’arata under complete fire control from several axes with the capture of Mu’tah Hill, Shorfah, and a number of other hills in the roubled southwestern countryside of Aleppo.

Should the Syrian Armed Forces capture Ma’arata, they’ll be in better position to secure Qarassi and capture Khan Touman; thus not only rolling back all the gains of the jihadist offensive, but also ending up with more areas than prior to the offensive.


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