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In Video: Syrian Army launches aerial campaign to recapture Ramouseh

6 September 2016 21:22



Following the strategic gains made by the Syrian Army and its allies in recapturing the military bases in southern Aleppo, a full-scale offensive was launched to liberate Ramouseh district.

The State-run news agency SANA published a video showing Syrian fighter jets pounding jihadist positions in the southern district.

No significant progress on the ground has so far been reported.

With restoring the Artillery Faculty and adjacent bases, the government troops have re-established its siege on the rebel-held districts in the city’s east.

Rebels’ defensives are expected to collapse with the Syrian Army re-gaining momentum after a tentative setback last month.

Multiple factions are aiding the Syrian government forces in the south of the embattled city, including the paramilitary Palestinian fighters of Liwa al-Quds, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the Iraqi Harakat Al-Nujaba.

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