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Syrian Army, Air Force Smash Terrorist Centers across Homs

6 September 2016 15:29



The Syrian Army troops, backed up by the country’s fighter jets, inflicted a heavy death toll on the terrorist groups in the Eastern and Northern territories of Homs province.

Syrian warplanes targeted terrorist groups’ concentration centers in Deir Foul and Talbiseh in Northern Homs, while ISIL’s positions in al-Sha’er oilfield and Eastern side of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) came under massive bombardments of Syrian jets.

Syrian soldiers for their part engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL near wheat silos in Eastern side of Tadmur.

Syrian fighter jets also pounded ISIL’s positions in al-Sukhnah region and Satih mountain in Eastern Homs.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian army soldiers drove ISIL terrorists back from the entire heights and hills near Maher gas field in Northeastern Homs.

Syrian army men and National Defense forces struck ISIL’s gatherings and positions in Maher gas field, and pushes back Takfiri terrorists form Tal al-Sawaneh and the whole key heights near the field.

ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and retreated from the battlefield.

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