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Syrian Army reverses ISIS gains in northeast Homs

6 September 2016 7:26



ISIS launched a large-scale offensive in the northeastern countryside of the Homs Governorate last week, targeting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) controlled Al-Mahr Gas Fields and Huwaysis village.

Initially, the Islamic State militants were able to seize several checkpoints and hilltops between the village of Huwaysis and Al-Sha’er Gas Fields; however, the Syrian Armed Forces would reverse these gains after a fierce battle with the infamous terrorist group on Sunday morning.

Among the many sites recaptured by the Syrian Armed Forces on Sunday was the strategic hilltop of Tal Sawwan, which was lost to the Islamic State militants on late Saturday.

In addition to reversing the Islamic State’s gains near Huwaysis, the Syrian Armed Forces also recovered several points near the Al-Mahr Gas Fields, forcing the remaining terrorists to retreat north.

ISIS has now retreated towards the previous front-lines after another unsuccessful offensive in the northeastern Homs countryside.

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