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Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria Aimed at Lifting Syrian Army’s Siege of Aleppo

6 September 2016 15:25



The Turkish army incursion into Northern Aleppo has thus far resulted in nothing but the reinvigoration of anti-Syrian government forces in regions close to Aleppo city, a military analyst said Tuesday.

“The Turkish army soldiers entered Northern Syria under the pretext of war on terrorism, but they have only been hitting Kurdish fighters to push them back from Syria’s border with Turkish,” Fadim Makarino said.

“Turkey has backed the terrorists of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Northern Aleppo, while the positions of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (FSA) have been continuously targeted by FSA backed by Turkish army and air force,” Makarino added.

“Reinvigorating FSA, as an anti-Assad terrorist group, and weakening the Kurdish fighters, who have been cooperating with the Syrian government in hitting back the ISIL and other terrorists, will end in the escalation of clashes in a new front to lift the Syrian government forces’ siege on terrorist-held districts of Aleppo city,” he concluded.

Media sources disclosed on Saturday that the Turkish Army dispatched at least 20 Tanks and five armored vehicles to a border town in Northern Aleppo to back the FSA terrorists in the region.

“The Turkish Tanks and armored vehicles are now in the FSA-held town of al-Rai,” the Turkish Daily Sabah reported, adding, “The tanks column left the Turkish border town of Kilis and entered Aleppo’s territories.”

Meantime, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed on Saturday that he has long been seeking to establish a so-called ‘safe zone’ in Syria, the idea of which had been ignored or rejected by other world powers.

President Erdogan stated that a Turkish incursion into Syria is proceeding successfully and has already allowed the country to liberate a vast swath of land from the ISIL militants and the US-backed Kurdish YPG forces.

“Nobody can expect us to allow a terror corridor on our Southern border,” Erdogan told a news conference, as quoted by Reuters.

Turkish President insisted that both the ISIL and the YPG pose an equal threat to Turkey’s national security, refusing to make a distinction between the internationally recognized terrorist group and the Kurdish minority forces.

Turkey declared on August 24 that the Turkish Army launched ‘Euphrates Shield’ military operation in Syria, as Ankara claims that it had begun to cleanse the ISIL terrorists from its border with the Arab country.

But, despite Ankara’s allegation, Turkish military forces support militant groups in Northern Syria, and fight against Kurdish forces in the region.

Damascus has condemned Ankara’s military operation and entry of Turkish special forces and tanks into Syria while Moscow has expressed deeply concern about what is happening in the Syrian-Turkish border area.

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