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“Wahhabism, Actions and Aftermaths” to be published in Iran

6 September 2016 21:25



“Wahhabism, Actions and Aftermaths” is the title for the latest book coauthored by Shoaib Yari and Mohammad Hussein Majidi, to be published by Iran’s Center for Islamic Revolution Documents, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

In ten chapters the book will discuss the history, ideologies, methods for propagation and also aftermaths of spreading the movement.

Some of the chapters in this book include, “An Introduction to New Religious Movements”, “A Review of Major Wahhabi Terminology”, “Different Propaganda Methods”, “Wahhabi Strategies in Current Era” and also “Methods to Confront Wahhabism”.

Part of the foreword in this book reads,” Wahhabism has been a path for confrontation with objectives of the Islamic Revolution in Iran who have spared no effort, from assassination, coup attempts and sabotages to sanctions and imposing an 8-year war, none of which, by assistance of God Almighty, have been successful.”

Still in another part of the introduction to the book, authors have referred to the important measures taken by the enemies among them struggles to revive deviate ideologies including Babism, Baha’i Faith and Wahhabism, launching new religious faiths like different western and Hindu mysticisms, Satanism and etc… .

Authors then focus on objectives behind authorship and publication of the book on some methods of promoting deviate movement with the hope that the effort will channel and warn all people on fake sects and new ideologies.

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