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‘Iran sides with Bahrainis against the tyranical regime ‘

7 September 2016 20:59



“Islamic Republic of Iran sides with Bahraini people against the tyrannical regime,” pointed out Secretary General of Ahlul Bait World Assembly, Ayatollah Mohammad Hasan Akhtari, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Addressing the gathering of religious thinkers and clerics mounted in support of Sheikh Isa Qasem, Ayatollah Mohammad Hasan Akhtari underscored the gathering was held so as to find roadmaps for putting an end to the plagued milieu Bahraini nations are mired in.

“Bahraini people made a movement in a bid to claim their civil and basic rights from the ruling regime over the past five years,” underscored the religious thinker stressing although the move was peaceful, but the Khalifa regime tried to crack down on civil societies and organizations representing the Bahraini people.

Along with Ayatollah Mohammad Hasan Akhtari, religious thinkers believe, the regime in Bahrain has been losing legitimacy during the last five years and it currently does not have the proper structure to be called a state.

It is noteworthy that the clerics attended the gathering held in holy city of Qom stressed
this harsh move against the freedom as a whole is nothing but a landmark of a regime losing legitimacy and they’re trying to destroy everything in the country including all the elements that the society is based upon.

According to religious thinkers, the Manama regime wants to label the moderate people as extremist and to push people to be with no solution but to fight in a material way for their rights and then the regime would have the pretext to say it is fighting terrorism.

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