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Former Libyan Officer: Qaddafi’s Chemical Weapons in ISIL Hands

8 September 2016 7:27



The chemical weapons developed by former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi are possibly now in possession of the ISIL terrorists, a former army officer warned on Wednesday.

“The terrorists are now likely to have access to mustard gas-charged mortars, artillery rounds and missiles (of Qaddafi era) since there was a large amount of mustard gas in Khashum al-Khail base, South of Sirte, which was controlled by the ISIL for a long time and therefore, the ISIL can be a major threat to Libya by launching a surprise attack on the country,” Mohammad Majzoub, now a military expert, told FNA today.

“There is a possibility that the ISIL terrorists in Libya send the chemical weapons to Boko Haram in Africa” or other terrorist groups in the region, he added.

Majsoub’s remarks raise fears that the chemical weapons in the hands of the ISIL in Libya may have found their way to the terrorists in Syria.

The forensics office of Aleppo said in August that examination of the wounded and dead bodies has revealed that the terrorists have most likely used mustard gas against the Syrian army.

The terrorists of Nour al-Din Zanki blew up a tunnel containing chemical materials and gases in al-Aqaba district near al-Awamid square in Aleppo after being discovered by the army last month. The explosion killed 6 people and injured 14 others.

Zahir al-Hajw, the coroner of Aleppo’s forensics, told al-Mayadeen that there were some symptoms in the bodies of the dead and wounded forces, disclosing that the terrorists have most likely used mustard gas and not chlorine or sarin.

“The nose bleeding shows that their lungs have been damaged, hyperemia is seen in the inner membranes of their eyelids and they have wounds on their skin,” he added.

Hajw added that the injured people also shown symptoms of shortness of breath and severe consciousness symptoms and disorders in a way that one of the wounded persons was so nervous after the CPR that he wanted to attack his friends and bite them.

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