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Undercover Israeli soldiers kidnap 2 Palestinian youths

8 September 2016 7:19



Undercover Israeli soldiers Wednesday kidnapped an ex-detainee from his workplace in Bethlehem, and another young man from al-Khalil.

According to the PIC reporter, undercover Israeli forces, reportedly disguised as Palestinians, kidnapped Amjad Abu Aker, a Palestinian youth from Aida refugee camp, from his workplace at a restaurant near the Beit Jala governmental hospital. Abu Aker, a brother of three prisoners, was arrested more than once by Israeli forces.

Meanwhile, Israeli undercover units also kidnapped a Palestinian citizen from the area of Bab al-Zawiya in al-Khalil. Local sources said that the undercover soldiers forced him at gunpoint to walk towards a military checkpoint where Israeli soldiers were deployed.

Israeli forces detain scores of Palestinians across the West Bank each week, with locals accusing Israeli authorities of routinely using undercover Israeli soldiers disguised as Palestinians during military raids and during clashes with Palestinian youths.

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