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Iranian prayers protest Al Saud, Al Kalifa crimes

11 September 2016 9:15



Prayers attending Friday prayers across Iran have issued statement and voiced their anger at Al Kalifa regime disrespects towards prominent Shia cleric, Sheikh Issa Qassim  as well as Al Saud mismanagement of Hajj 2015 ceremony leading to Mina incident when thousands of Hajj pilgrims were killed during rituals in Mecca, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Part of the statement by Iranian prayers reads,” Here the Iranian nation denounces inhumane measures by Al Saud and killing of the guests to the holy city of Mecca and also massacre and crackdown of the oppressed people in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria as well as supporting Al Kalifa regime to kill the Bahraini citizens and disrespecting prominent religious figures including Sheikh Issa Qassim.”

Protesters expressed their anger announcing that the protest is voiced in more than 850 Friday prayer ceremonies across Iran.

The statement also hailed the victims of Mina and Al Haram crane crash incidents and reiterated their support for the oppressed nation of Yemen, Syria and renowned leader and nation of Bahrain.

Iranian protesters in another part of the statement vowed that new waves of revolution and global anger by world Muslims will sink Al Saud and Al Kalifa if the Arab kingdoms do not claim the responsibility for Mina incident and do not compensate for their heinous measures in other Islamic countries.

Iranian nation has commemorated the first anniversary of Mina incident during which thousands of Hajj pilgrims were trapped and killed in stampede during the ritual.

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