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Disunity, biggest pain for Islamic communities

13 September 2016 16:53



Grand Ayatollah Abdul Nabi Namazi, representative of the Supreme Leader in Kashan city, called dispersion as the biggest pain for the world of Islam and warned against disunity as the reason for the lag among Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He quoted verse 105 from chapter Al Imran in Qur’an warning Muslims against dispersion and said,” Had the Islamic nation followed this single verse, there would not have been any issues in our Islamic nation.”

The cleric expressed regret that Islamic unity, as a Qur’anic teaching, has not prevailed Islamic nation yet and stressed,” Disunity is the reason for all lags in the Islamic nation since the beginning days of Islam.”

Member at the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, noted that disagreement appears when members of a society depart each other and take their ways separately and said,” In order to prevent disagreements, all members of a monotheistic society should cling to God Almighty setting Qur’an, Imamate and jurisprudence as the common principles.”

He stressed that a part of disagreements in the Islamic community is due to personal interpretations of Islam and Qur’an while only a well informed jurisprudent on Islamic issues can be set as the resource for analysis and interpretation of Qur’an and Islamic texts.

Representative of the Supreme Leader noted that once Islamic community follows Islam and Qur’an and Ahlul Bayt (AS), no disagreements will crop up while differences appear only when people follow their personal understandings of Islam.

Iranian scholar said,” Due to lack of experiences in governing, we lack enough tolerance to sit together and discuss our issues while this compatibility exists among our enemies.”

Representative of the Supreme Leader called separation as the reason for disagreements urging Muslims to join each other setting clear Islamic principles as their criteria for moving forward.

He denounced enemies for expanding disagreements among Muslims and said the great punishment vowed in the Islamic texts is due to disagreement among Muslims which brings the biggest happiness for enemies.

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