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US-isarael, Tukey, KSA backed ISIL Suffers Heavy Casualties in Unsuccessful Offensives on Iraqi Army’s Positions near Mosul

14 September 2016 15:17



Iraqi Army troops and popular fighters fended off ISIL’s large-scale attacks on government forces’ defense lines on the Southern side of the city of Mosul in Nineveh province, killing at least 70 militants and wounding many more, Nineveh Liberation Operation Command Center announced on Wednesday.

“ISIL launched its attacks on government positions from the three directions of al-Houd, al-Hadhar and al-Shabani but the pro-government forces deployed near the Division 15th, Brigade37th and Nineveh Police station opened heavy fire on the militants and did not allow them to advance in the battlefield,” the command center said.

“The battle lasted for at least five hours and claimed lives of 70 ISIL militants,” the center said, adding, “Seven military vehicles of terrorist group were also destroyed in the failed attack.”

“Main battle occurred between Iraqi forces and ISIL terrorists along Mosul road to Baghdad,” he further added.

Informed sources announced earlier today that the official spokesman of the ISIL terrorist group in Mosul in Northern Nineveh was shot dead by unknown attackers.

“ISIL’s Spokesman in Mosul Abu Isaac was driving his car in Central Mosul when a group of three gunmen ambushed him and opened fire on his car, killing Abu Isaac and two of his bodyguards,” the sources said.

“Abu Isaac was transferred to the al-Adli hospital in Central Mosul, but he was already dead,” they further added.

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