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Hezbollah: Battling ISIL Only Way to Amputate Hand of Sedition, Murder, Crime

15 September 2016 10:45

Hezbollah flag

Hezbollah denounced Wednesday the “appalling” crime of ISIL “terrorist gangs” on Hajj (Pilgrimage) Day which included slaughter, skinning and mutilation”, describing the culprits as spiteful criminals who violated the sanctity of the Islamic occasion.

“On Hajj Day, souls and hearts get purified as sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption prevail,” Hezbollah said in statement, “ISIL terrorists dealt with the victims as the animals sacrificed on this Day.”

Confirming that the crime violates the religious, human and cultural laws, Hezbollah considered that issuing the condemnation statements and demanding the Muslims to unite against the criminals or the international community to seriously address the anomalous situation in the history of mankind are no longer enough to face those savage acts.

Hezbollah asserted that battling ISIL gangs is the only way to eradicate the criminal groups and amputate the hand of sedition, murder and crime.

The horrible silence and passiveness of the Islamic states, bodies, organizations and individuals, among whom even justified those acts, are in turn an involvement in those horrific crimes, Hezbollah added.

This holds the involved responsible religiously and morally, before Holy God, society and history, the statement ended.


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