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Syrian Army beefs up defenses around Palmyra in preparation for ISIS offensive

15 September 2016 9:29



The Syrian Arab Army’s 11th and 18th tank divisions have increased their presence around the strategic city of Palmyra (Tadmur) today after several intelligence reports from their Russian advisors indicated a massive build-up of Islamic State fighters along the International Highway.

A senior officer from the 11th Tank Division told Al-Masdar News on Thursday morning that their forces were alerted by their Russian advisors about a large presence of Islamic State fighters at the oil rich town of Al-Sukhanah near the Deir Ezzor Governorate border.

Syrian Arab Army soldiers from the ancient Assyrian town of Al-Quraytayn have already arrived in Palmyra to help with the city’s defenses, the military source added.

To combat this large presence of Islamic State fighters, the Russian Air Force has launched a large number of airstrikes over the eastern countryside of Palmyra, destroying several armored vehicles between Al-Sukhanah and ‘Arak village.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported yesterday that their air force killed approximately 250 Islamic State terrorists during their air raids over eastern Palmyra countryside on Tuesday.

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