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Syrian Army Preparing for Special Operations in Hama

15 September 2016 18:33



The Syrian army sent a large number of fresh forces to strategic regions in the Northern part of Hama province to start military operations in the region soon as serious breaches of ceasefire by the terrorist groups continue unabated.

The decision to send more forces was made following the Takfiri militants’ continued attacks on the Syrian government forces in Hama province after the ceasefire took effect on Monday, and after they captured a number of villages which were under the control of their pro-government forces.

According to battlefield sources, the Syrian army soldiers and their allies are preparing to start fresh military operations to take back lost lands from the terrorists.

Reports said on Wednesday that the terrorist groups violated the ceasefire in Syria and stormed government forces’ positions in two different regions in Northern Hama.

The Syrian military forces repelled terrorist groups’ offensives on their positions Southwest of Taybat al-Imam and in the Northern side of Kowkab, inflicting heavy casualties on them.

A tank, three machinegun-equipped vehicles and two mortar launch-pads of the terrorist groups were destroyed in the failed attacks.

On Monday and before the ceasefire went into effect, the Syrian army and air force pounded the military positions of the terrorist groups in Hama province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

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