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Scores of Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Missile Attacks in Quneitra

16 September 2016 22:27



The Syrian Army’s missile units pounded the strongholds of a terrorist group in Northern Quneitra, and killed all of them.

The Syrian missile units, tipped off by intelligence agents, fired several missiles at the positions of the terrorists in Tal Ahmar in Hadhar region, leaving the whole members of the group dead.

The terrorists’ equipment and weapons also were destroyed in the attacks.

Yesterday, the militant groups suffered heavy losses in the Golan Heights after they launched three failed assaults to capture government-controlled villages in Quneitra.

“The army troops and popular forces fended off several terrorist attacks in Quneitra in Southwestern Syria in the last several days, inflicting heavy causalities on the Takfiri terrorists,” the army said.

Based on reports, more than 65 terrorists, including top commanders, were killed and tens of other were wounded after pro-government forces repelled their attacks.

According to the reports, wounded terrorists continue to be taken from Quneitra battlefields to Israeli hospitals in the occupied Golan Heights.

The terrorists’ failures came after Head of the Media Affairs of the Syrian Army’s Political Office confirmed earlier reports on the downing of two Israeli aircraft by the country’s air defense units in Quneitra.

Brigadier General Samir Suleiman said that an Israeli F-16 fighter jet raided the Syrian army’s military positions in the Southwestern part of Quneitra province, which was downed by the Syrian army’s air defense system.

He noted that also an Israeli drone attacked the Syrian army positions in the Western side of Sa’asa’ near the Golan Heights that was also downed.

Brigadier General Suleiman noted that the Israeli attacks on the Golan heights were aimed at supporting the terrorists in Quneitra province who are suffering from low morale.

“The terrorists are hopelessly trying hard to boost their morale after the recent defeats they suffered in the battle with the Syrian army and popular forces,” Brigadier General Suleiman added.

He said Israel admitted terrorists in its hospitals and medical centers and provides them with logistic aid in a bid to boost their morale.

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