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Terrorist groups breach truce regime 36 times Wednesday

16 September 2016 8:00



The breaches made by the terrorist groups of the truce regime which came into effect on September 12th, reached 36 breaches in Aleppo, Hama, Damascus Countryside and Lattakia.

A military source noted that four breaches were observed in Aleppo province where the armed groups targeted with sniper fires, mortar shells and machineguns the neighborhoods of al-Ramouseh, al- Rashedeen and al-Lairamoun.

It added that other 12 breaches took place in Hama province as the armed groups targeted with mortar shells, artillery fire the west and north to Ma’an town, and attempted to infiltrate into the these areas.

The armed groups also fired mortar and artillery shells on areas, south of Ma’ardes village, the south of Zein al-A’bidin Mountain, Qamahaneh and its farms, south of Taybet al-Imam city and the al-Zara Power Plant.

According to the source, one breach was observed in Jober in Damascus Countryside through opening sniper fire, another was witnessed in Lattakia as the armed groups targeted with machinegun fire Rwaiset Rasho and a third one in the northern Homs countryside as Kafer Nan village was targeted with machinegun fire and mortar shells.

Earlier today, 17 breaches by the armed groups were observed in Aleppo, Damascus Countryside, Hama, Quneitra and Homs.

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