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4 Senior ISIL Commanders Killed in Iraqi Forces’ Attack in Anbar Province

18 September 2016 18:36



A senior Iraqi military commander announced that four notorious commanders of the ISIL terrorist group have been killed in the country’s security forces’ preemptive attack in the Western part of Anbar province.

“4 senior ISIL commanders, including 2 Saudi nationals were killed in Al-Baghdadi region in Anbar province when they came under the Iraqi forces’ attack on the terrorist group’s military base,” Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) commander Qatri al-Obeidi said.

He reiterated that the killed commanders were from the first generation of ISIL in Western Anbar province.

On Saturday, the Iraqi Air Force targeted ISIL’s gatherings at the country’s border with Syria, leaving scores of the terrorists dead, including a commander from Chechnya.

At least 30 ISIL terrorists, including a commander from Chechnya, were killed in the Iraqi warplanes’ bombardments in Western Anbar.

The air attack also destroyed 14 vehicles of ISIL.

Reports also said on Saturday that Hashed al-Shaabi forces repelled three attacks by the ISIL on strategic regions in Anbar province, inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the terrorists.

The ISIL terrorists attacked Haditha and Brawneh regions in the Eastern and Northern parts of Anbar province, but they were forced back by Hashed al-Shaabi forces.

Meantime, the Iraqi security forces in Anbar province repulsed ISIL’s attack on a security post about 160 kilometers to the West of al-Ramadi, killing one ISIL terrorist and injuring many others in fierce clashes.

The ISIL terrorists also tried to attack the security forces in Bou Ziyab and al-Jarishi regions, but they were beaten back by the Iraqi forces backed by the Iraqi army’s artillery and fighter jets.

Six terrorists were killed and three others were wounded in the third attempt to attack the Iraqi forces’ military positions.

The terrorists’ military hardware also sustained heavy damage in clashes with the Iraqi army

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