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Hezbollah: US Allegations It’s Fighting ISIL ‘Propaganda’

20 September 2016 12:42



Hezbollah denounced the US-led strikes on Syrian army position in Deir Ezzor, describing as propagandist Washington’s allegations that the coalition was fighting the Takfiri ISIL group.

In a statement released by the party’s Media Relations, Hezbollah said that US allegations it had ‘mistakenly’ hit Syrian army positions are delusional.

ISIL attacks [on the Syrian army] coincided with US raids revealing Washington’s complicity with terrorist groups.

Such coincidence “reveals the collusion between Washington and these groups, if not the submission of terrorist groups to orders issued by some US administration officials,” the statement added.

Hezbollah said meanwhile, that the major powers want through their propaganda stunt of fighting ISIL to achieve political and electoral goals and secure their colonialist interests based on supporting and feeding terrorism in the region.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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