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Inhuman zionists Fearful about Escalating Palestinian Operations in Al Quds, W. Bank

21 September 2016 23:14



The Zionist daily “Israel Hayom” shed the light upon the gradually increasing “Israeli concerns” due to the escalating Palestinians operation in the occupied West Bank and al-Quds, noting that the “week-long” concern has started to raise fear in the security service especially as Jewish holidays are approaching.

“Recently, the security service has become aware that Israel exists at the peak of a renewed operations that comes after a relative lull for several months,” the newspaper added, pointing out that a series of what it called “terrorist events” has changed the balance as most of them occurred in Al-Quds and Al Khalil.

According to the daily, this escalation did not surprise the army officials, who estimated a raise in terrorism during the holiday season, stating that the Zionist army responded quickly by strengthening forces in Al Khalil area with an additional battalion, and  tightened instructions to the soldiers.

In addition, the Zionist analyst Eitan Haber wrote in Yediot Aharonot daily that the entity came out from big and small wars against what he called” terrorism “, since Ariel Sharon invented the military solution; adding that the Zionists carried out thousands of operations and arrested tens of thousands Palestinians and destroyed hundreds of homes, but they did not find a military solution to the “terrorist operations,” he said.

“Thousands of policemen and soldiers deployed in Al Quds and Al Khalil streets are an evidence of 3o years of “terrorism,” Haber went on to say.

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