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Report: Saudi Top Diplomat’s wife Files for Divorce after Discovery of Jubeir Sexual Tendencies

21 September 2016 18:12



Ex-wife of Saudi foreign minister started divorce proceedings in a British court, saying that her husband has Homosexual tendencies, reports by Kuwaiti media said.

The Kuwaiti newspaper, al-Qabas said in a report that Adel al-Jubeir, the 50-year-old Saudi Foerign minister has been enmeshed in yet another public disgrace by taking part in “obnoxious male parties in Thailand”, Awd News reported.

Farah al-Fayez, 27, described the discovery of her husband’s tendencies as her ‘worst nightmare’ and expressed her concerns about indisputable effects of collapse of the marriage on her four children, especially in the traditional society of Saudi Arabia.

“My worst nightmare has materialized; I received the shock of my life by finding undeniable proof and Adel has finally admitted it himself a week ago. I believe any marital crisis is dreadful, but the discovery that you have a homosexual and mendacious husband can throw your whole world into a tailspin. The collapse of this marriage caused a horrible array of feelings to my four children, especially in the traditional Saudi milieu, ruining the gamut of shame, disappointment and anger. Everything was below the radar until I found incontrovertible evidence indicating that Adel has his coterie of homosexual friends in Thailand,” al-Qabas quoted. al-Fayez as saying.

Jubeir seems reluctant to talk on the issue, as one of the press aide at the Saudi Embassy in London told reporters that the British media “keep calling and calling, but he (Jubeir) doesn’t want to talk regarding this private matter”.

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