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Syrian Warplanes Continue to Bomb Terrorists’ Defense Lines in Hama

24 September 2016 10:49



The Syrian air force launch an intensive air campaign and struck the terrorist groups in Northern Hama on Friday.

Syrian army aircraft targeted three main sites of the terrorist groups in Ma’ardes, Taybat al-Imam and Zour al-Tibeh, destroying four tanks, three machinegun-equipped and several armored vehicles of the militants.

Several members of the terrorist groups were also killed in the air assault with many more reported wounded.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian military forces struck the terrorist groups’ concentration centers and gatherings along a key road from Hama to the neighboring province of Homs, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants.

Syrian Army soldiers attacked terrorists’ positions in the Western side of al-Salamiyah near the road to Homs province, destroying the militants’ vehicle and killing a large number of them.

The Syrian army’s engineering units also defused a large number of bombs and explosive traps planted by the terrorists in Wadi al-Adhib region near the road connecting Sheikh Hillal to Ithriya in Northeastern Hama.

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