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Iran’s Zarif: Saudis Making Every Desperate Move Not to Lose US Support

26 September 2016 7:31



Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said certain regional countries were desperate not to lose the US support.

According to IRNA on Sunday, he made the remark in a meeting with a group of Iranians living in the US.

He said while the world was worrying about the situation in the Middle East because of chaotic extremism governing the situation there, Iran enjoyed full security.

He said rulers of some of the regional countries like Saudi Arabia are doing everything not to lose the backing of the United States.

He said they are carrying out endless lobbies with Americans because they know their legitimacy and very existence is tied to the US support for them.

Zarif said the Iranian nation has never succumbed to any pressures and threats for the reason that their security come from inside the country.

While countries like Saudi Arabia need foreigners to provide security for them, the foreign minister stressed, Iran’s security comes from its own people.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said people’s presence in all areas such as scientific and economic arenas will foil all kinds of sanctions.

Sanctions might adversely impact everyday living of people, he said, but could certainly fail to discourage them from following their beliefs and ideals.

He said despite sanctions Iran managed to reach a positive economic growth rate, adding that the achievement came despite America’s addiction to imposing sanctions on other countries.

Source: IRNA

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