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ISIL Executes Own Terrorists for Fleeing Al-Shirqat Battle

26 September 2016 17:49



The ISIL terrorist group executed over half a dozen of its own militants for fleeing the war in the city of al-Shirqat in Salahuddin province in Northern Iraq.

“An ISIL bulldozer went over 7 defected members who escaped al-Shirqat when Iraq’s joint military forces entered the city,” a local source said on Monday.

The source noted that the executions took place in front of other ISIL terrorists.

On Sunday, the ISIL burnt alive one of its senior commanders along with over a dozen militants also for fleeing al-Sharqat war.

“Abu Hmaza al-Libi and 16 of his bodyguards were set ablaze in front of other people for not fighting hard enough and also handing over al-Sharqat city to the Iraqi army,” a commander of Nineveh Liberation Operations Zunon al-Sabawi said.

Meantime, Salahuddin Governor Ahmed al-Jubouri said that the Iraqi forces have purged terrorists from the entire Salahduddin province and have captured ISIL’s last military position in al-Zawiya region in the Southern part of al-Sharqat.

The Iraqi military forces ended the mop-up operations in more regions in Salahuddin, including al-Sharqat, on Thursday and fully seized back the city from the ISIL terrorists.

Iraq’s joint military forces continued to advance in the Northern part of Salahuddin province, and seized back more strategic areas near the city of al-Sharqat on Saturday.

“The Iraqi army units and the country’s volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) took control of the village of Jafr al-Har and Military Project 555 in the Southern part of al-Sharqat,” a military source said.

He noted that a large number of terrorists were killed and wounded in fierce clashes with the Iraqi troops.

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