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Latest battle map of Aleppo City

26 September 2016 22:38



The Aleppo front has been the scene of the most intense clashes taking place across Syria, as both the government and opposition forces vie for control of this strategic city in northern city.

North Aleppo:

Over the weekend, the Syrian Armed Forces, primarily Liwaa Al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary), launched a a powerful assault at the Handarat Refugee Camp, resulting in its subsequent capture after Fatah Halab withdrew to the west.

However, not long after seizing the Handarat Refugee Camp, Liwaa Al-Quds found themselves under attack by the jihadist rebels, who were eager to reclaim their lost territory.

Fatah Halab would recapture the Handarat Refugee Camp; however, their primary line of defense at this district has been exposed and fractured, thanks in large part to Liwaa Al-Quds’ devastating attack this past weekend.

South Aleppo:

The Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard and 4th Mechanized Division, alongside Hezbollah, are now targeting the Sheikh Sa’eed District that is completely under the control of the jihadist rebels.

While they have managed to reach the bridge at Sheikh Sa’eed, the Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah still have quite some ways to go before they can establish full control over this imperative district.

Meanwhile, at the 1070 Al-Hamdaniyah Housing Project Hikmah Hill, the Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah are engaged in a fierce battle for these sites, as the jihadist rebels of Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) refuse to concede an inch of this territory in southern Aleppo.

West Aleppo:

West Aleppo is rather quiet at the moment, with periodic bombings by the Syrian and Russian air forces when the jihadist rebels fire missiles at the government-controlled areas.

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East Aleppo: 

While both the northern and southern sectors of Aleppo City experience intense clashes, the eastern neighborhoods have been the primary target of the Russian and Syrian air forces.

Daily air raids are conducted over the Bab Al-Nayrab, Al-Sukkari, and Sakhour districts of east Aleppo, resulting in immense destruction and death.

Western nations like the United States have criticized the bombing campaign in east Aleppo, despite Russia’s insistence that civilians are not targeted in these airstrikes.

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