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Saudi regime supplies routes for Saddam’s war against Iran

26 September 2016 7:30



Speaking at a ceremony marking the beginning of the new academic year at Ayatollah Haeri-Yazdi Seminary, Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi stating that in order to establish the Islamic Revolution and its values, much blood was spilled and the notion that the revolution would be easily victorious did not exist as can be seen from the August–September 1978 protests in Qom.

“Of course, Imam Khomeini knew the Islamic Revolution would achieve victory and every message and statement from the late [founder of the Islamic Revolution] was offered promises and was a bearer of glad tidings,” the dean of al-Mustafa International University said.

Ayatollah Arafi pointed out that the most significant danger after the Revolution was the Iran-Iran War, which passed through. “During the current era, we do not face the unequal combat of the Sacred Defence era and the Islamic Republic of Iran has stood against numerous countries,” he said.

The member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution noted that during the Iran-Iraq War, the whole world supported the Ba’athist regime in Iraq financially and with weapons and added that today, there are nearly ten thousand victims of Iraqi’s chemical warfare in the country.

His Eminence said that Saudi Arabia gave more than a trillion dollars to Saddam to support his war against Iran and added that Saudi Arabia was only one of the countries to support. “That the fact that Islamic Republic of Iran was not divided and did not was divine destiny,” he said.

Ayatollah Arafi pointed out that the model of the wars of the expansion of Islam were embodied by the Iran-Iraq War which was not unbelievable. “The greatest of achievement of the war was the transformation of the hearts of the people and the youth. The experiences and the model of the Islamic Resistance came from the heart of the Sacred Defence which had no precedent,” he stressed.

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