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VIDEO: Civilians Return Home to Areas in Aleppo Liberated by Syrian Army

26 September 2016 22:42



After successful military operations civilians have begun to return home to the areas of Aleppo liberated by the Syrian Army.

The resumption of traffic on the highway in vicinity of Ramouseh has accelerated the return of residents.

Aleppo has finally opened its stores, shopping centers and public institutions to meet the needs of the residents.

Sputnik spoke to one of the residents who returned home to the liberated area of the city.

Abu Mohammed, who is a clothes vendor, was forced to leave his native home when the militants seized the area. He recalls that there were mass acts of looting taking place at the hands of the militants. “All factories and shops were looted by the militants of al-Nusra Front, who sold everything to Turkish merchants for a small price. Now it will be difficult to recover all of that in a short time period,” Abu Mohammed said. Earlier, the militants seized all the shops and factories in Ramouseh area to use them for their own purpose.

Another resident named Fadi, the owner of clothes warehouse commented on the importance of residents returning to Aleppo from the industrial point of view.

He said that the reopening of industry in Aleppo will have a positive effect on the domestic market as a whole and will contribute to lower prices, as Aleppo market accounts for a large share of the entire local market.

Former workers who have many years of experience in the production of goods across different sectors [from textiles to heavy industry] have also returned to Aleppo. According to the residents, this will help domestic production of quality goods come to the local market; Sputnik reported.

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