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World must question US, its allies over sponsoring terrorism: Analyst

26 September 2016 17:42



Harris told Press TV’s “Top 5” program on Sunday night that the international community is expected to react to measures adopted by the United States and its regional allies towards funding, training and arming terrorist groups in Syria.

He underlined the need for an international reaction to the US support for terrorism, adding, “You call out Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Israel and the US as state sponsors of terrorism and let the global community judge them for their actions, not for their words.”

He noted that the Daesh Takfiri group and other terrorist outlets are acquiring advanced US weapons such as TOW missiles, which are made by military contractor Raytheon in Tucson, Arizona.

The analyst also described US foreign policy in facing the phenomenon of terrorism as “schizophrenic,” noting, “The United States states they are against ISIS and al-Nusra. Yet they accidentally bombed a Syrian army position that was clearly defined.”

He exclaimed that while the US boasts it has the best satellite system in the world, the attack last Saturday by its F-16 and A-10 jets on the Syrian airbase in Dayr al-Zawr killed more than 80 government soldiers, and enabled the Daesh Takfiri group to occupy the base for several hours.

Harris also questioned the will or the ability of US Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama to control American armed forces who violated an agreement reached between Moscow and Washington to uphold a ceasefire in the Syrian northwestern city of Aleppo.

According to the political expert, it should be asked why the US government or American corporations like ExxonMobil are involved in buying oil stolen from Syria.

“I don’t know but this is unsettling as a very loyal patriotic American to see our country behaving the way it is, stating one thing and acting out another. It’s frightening,” he concluded.

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