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Commander: US Army Refusing to Bomb ISIL Terrorists in Anbar

28 September 2016 18:17



Commander of Iraqi popular forces in Haditha town, West of al-Anbar, disclosed that the US-led coalition forces in al-Ratba town continue to shrug off targeting the ISIL terrorists.

“The US forces refuse to target the ISIL gathering centers near al-Ratba town in the Western parts of al-Anbar under the pretext of the presence of Hashd al-Sha’abi (popular) forces in the region,” Colonel Nazzem al-Juqaifi told al-Ma’louma news website on Wednesday.

He said that his forces are responsible for safeguarding the security of a highway which links the 160km region to al-Ratba town.

While the ISIL terrorists are preparing to attack the town, the coalition forces refuse to launch airstrikes on their gathering centers which have posed a serious threat to the Iraqi security forces near al-Ratba, Juqaifi said.

The Iraqi volunteer forces’ commanders have continued to lash out at the US and its regional allies for continuing their military and logistical supports for the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq all throughout the last two years.

“Washington still continues its military supports for the terrorists in Iraq,” Spokesman of Iraq’s Ansarullah al-Nujaba Movement Hashem al-Moussavi told FNA in April.

He reiterated that al-Nujaba Movement forces are collecting documents, photos and videos of supplies airdropped by the US-led coalition forces for the ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

“Our forces have filmed the US aircraft while dropping military aids for the besieged ISIL terrorists,” al-Moussavi said.

Also, in December, Commanders of the Iraqi popular forces complained that the US is hindering the start of the final phase of the operation to regain control of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province.

“The US bargains and pressures on the Baghdad government have prevented accomplishment of the Ramadi liberation operation,” Abu Yousef al-Khazali, a commander of Seyed al-Shohada battalion, told FNA.

“The US has long been seeking to force the government to stop using the popular forces in military operations against ISIL, specially in the liberation operations conducted in different Iraqi regions,” he added.

Also in the same month, a commander of the Iraqi volunteer forces complained that US meddling has hindered their victory over the Takfiri terrorist group and prevented them from taking control over the strategic cities of Ramadi and Fallujah.

Commander of Imam Khamenei Battalion Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi accused the US of taking maximum efforts to prevent mop-up operations by the popular forces in the province of Anbar.

According to him, the meddling will also affect the advances by the Iraqi forces against terrorists in other province

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