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Iran deplores deadly silence of int’l community toward bloodshed in Iraq

28 September 2016 18:05



Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Wednesday expressed outrage at deadly silence of the international community toward bloodshed in Iraq by waves of violence and terrorist explosions.

He called on the international community to take heed of the rootcause of violence and terrorism and address them to thwart menaces of terrorism.

Expressing sympathy with the people and government of Iraq and the families who lost their loved ones in terrorist attacks, he said that assassination of innocent civilians in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other parts in the region and the world has roots in deadly silence and negligence and ignorance of the international community to the route cause of such events.

Qasemi once again reminded that the international responsibility of all states and players of the regional and international scene, saying that they must honor their commitment to the international campaign against terrorism.

Recent terrorist explosions in various parts of Iraq claimed lives of about one hundred Iraqi people including women, children and the elderly.

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