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Air Force Destroys 3 Arms Caches of Terrorists in Aleppo, People Hoist Syrian Flags

29 September 2016 20:04



The Syrian army which has intensified its military operations to win back Eastern Aleppo districts destroyed the militants’ arms caches in Old Aleppo.

A field source reported that the Syrian warplanes pounded three weapons and ammunition caches of militants in Aleppo after receiving intelligence from residents in the region.

The source added that the Syrian army reinforced its positions in al-Farafarah district in Aleppo after defusing the bombs and explosive devices planted by the terrorists to move towards the Eastern districts of Qala’a region.

Meantime, sporadic clashes erupted between the army and terrorists of Jabhat al-Shamiya and Fatah al-Sham (Nusra) Front near al-Qala’a, al-Suwaiqa and al-Farafarah after blowing up of a tunnel in the region.

Also, the Syrian warplanes targeted the terrorists’ gathering centers in Eastern Aleppo and inflicted heavy damage and toll on the militants in al-Sha’ar, al-Sakhor, al-Bab road, Hanano, al-Qatarji, Salahuddin, al-Ameriya, al-Sukra, Sheikh Saeed, Sheikh Fars, al-Jandoul square and Handarat camp.

Also, local sources in Eastern Aleppo reported that people of al-Sha’ar, Hanano and al-Haidariya regions have hoisted the Syrian flags on their buildings in a show of support for the army and government troops.

“The Fatah al-Sham terrorists attempted to pull down the flags and detain residents of those houses,” the sources said.

The group had also on Wednesday pulled the Syrian flags down in Jisr al-Sakhour region.

The Syrian fighter jets intensified their airstrikes on militants’ positions in Aleppo on Wednesday as the soldiers of President Bashar al-Assad continue to recapture more lands in the province.

The Syrian warplanes carried out combat flights over terrorists’ positions in the strategic town of Khan Touman and surrounding areas in Aleppo province, inflicting major loss and casualties on the terrorists.

The air raids killed and wounded scores of militants and also demolished several military vehicles which were equipped with heavy machine guns.

The latest reports from Syria indicated that the country’s army and popular forces, backed by Syrian and Russian Air Force, continue advances in Aleppo province, forcing the terrorist groups to push back from several strategic territories, military bases and vital supply routes.

The Syrian Army Command Center has called on civilians to leave militant-held districts of Aleppo as soon as possible, vowing to launch a large-scale operation in the Eastern neighborhoods of the city to route out militancy.

The Syrian Army Commander Center in Aleppo said the government forces are getting ready to launch a large-scale operation in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, urging the remaining civilians near terrorist centers to move to safer districts or regions.

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