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Terrorists Suprised by Syrian Troops’ Intensified Attacks in Damascus

29 September 2016 17:02



The Jeish al-Islam terrorists stationed in Eastern Damascus were taken by surprise after the Syrian army intensified attacks and started rapid advance towards their bases in Douma in Damascus province.

As the Syrian army deployed its forces 3km of Jeish al-Islam’s largest and most vital military base in Douma, the terrorists were reported by the local sources as fortifying their positions, battlefield reports said.

The terrorist groups have attempted to remove fences and walls between different parts of Eastern Ghouta region to unite and destroyed an iron wall separating Saqba and Hamouriya towns in the region after the army retook their strongholds between Arabayn and Zamalka regions.

Earlier today, the Syrian pro-government troops gained military superiority over the most important supply route used by Jeish al-Islam terrorists in the Northern parts of Rahbat al-Isharah of Damascus countryside.

The road which links Douma to Tal Kurdi and al-Reihan farms in the North is considered as important strategically and logistically.

It is the only road which has not been bombed or destroyed in the depth of the terrorist-controlled regions and now it is under the government forces’ control.

Reports said on Wednesday that the Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces (NDF) continued to advance against Jeish al-Islam in the Northeastern side of the militant-held town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, claiming the lives of scores of terrorists.

Syrian Government forces, after hours of non-stop battle, pushed Jeish al-Islam back from farms between al-Reihan and Tal Kurdi in the Northeastern side of Douma’s farms, inflicting tens of casualties on the militants.

Syrian army, in its operation, discovered a long network of tunnels and defused a number of bombs and landmines planted by the terrorists in the region.

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