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Syria: Scores of Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Failed Attacks on Gov’t Positions in Hama

30 September 2016 14:45



Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces repelled Ahrar al-Sham’s offensives in Northeastern Hama, inflicting tens of casualties on them.

Syrian government forces defended their strongholds near the small town of al-Janineh towards farms in Northeastern Hama and pushed back the invading terrorists of Ahrar al-Sham.

On Thursday, the Ajnad al-Sham terrorist group confirmed that its top commander, Basel Marwan al-Bakri, known as Abu Marwan, who was responsible for training suicide-bombers, was killed by the Syrian army soldiers in al-Shouaatha village in Hama province.

Abu Marwan had participated in several battles in Hama province in recent weeks, leading Ajnad al-Sham’s militants alongside Jund al-Aqsa.

He was also responsible for training scores of recruits and suicide-bombers at the group’s training camps.

Killing of the notorious terrorist commander came after the Syrian Army and its allies started wide-scale and special military operation to recapture the lost lands in the Northern parts of Hama province.

According to a battlefield source, in the first hours of the operations, the pro-government forces hit the defense lines of the militant groups, advancing against Takfiri terrorists in the region.

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