Militants Readying to Surrender Two More Towns to Syrian Army in Damascus Province



Scores of militants in two towns in the Western countryside of Damascus city are getting ready to surrender to the government authorities or be evacuated to other cities across the country, a member of the peace committee announced on Saturday.

“Most of the militants in Qodsiyeh and Elhameh have agreed to lay down their arms and turn themselves in to the government officials,” the source said, adding, “Some paragraphs of the peace agreement with the government is giving this chance to those militants, who do not wish to surrender, to leave the towns only with light arms to be relocated to other militant-held regions.”

“Militants’ leader in Qodsiyeh and Elhameh are preparing a list of fighters who want to lay down arms and join the peace plan with the government,” the source said.

Last month, Governor-General of Damascus province Ala Monir announced that after Darayya and Mo’adhamiyeh, four other towns joined the peace talks with the Syrian government.

“Successful performance of the Syrian government and army men in Darayya have encouraged the towns of al-Tal, Elhameh, Qodsiyeh and Wadi Bardi to join peace agreement,” Monir said.

“Syrian-Syrian agreement has accelerated reconciliation trend in the province, in the meantime, good behavior of the Syrian soldiers and officials with people in Darayya caused civilians in Mo’adhamiyeh to accept courageously engagement in peace with government,” Monir added.

“A government committee will pay a visit to Darayya in the next few days to collect information about the requirements of civilians there to start rebuilding of the city,” he further said.

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