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Syrian Army reenters Jabal Thardeh after pushing ISIS away from Military Airport

4 October 2016 7:46



The Syrian Arab Army’s 71st Regiment, backed by the 123rd and 137th brigades, reentered the Jabal Thardeh region of southwest Deir Ezzor on Monday night after a three week long hiatus due to U.S. Coalition airstrikes.

Backed by Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to liberate Point 1 at the eastern perimeter of Jabal Thardeh after a fierce battle with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) on Monday.

In addition to reentering Jabal Thardeh, the Syrian Armed Forces received a major boost on Monday night, when the Russian Air Force killed several Islamic State terrorists inside the provincial capital.

ISIS terrorist Leith Al-Dali

Among the dead Islamic State terrorists was their infamous commander, Leith Al-Dali, a Free Syrian Army defector that led the Al-Nasser Regiment three years ago.

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